Sunday, June 2, 2019


The reason Sadig Kahn made such an outrageous statement about Donald Trump is to distract attention away from the fact that he's the worst mayor in the history of London. 
Since becoming mayor violent crime has skyrocketed.  Why has this happened?  The samne reason why crime has increased in New York and San Francisco, he's a leftist who believes crime is not a great problem to have.  Also note.  People are getting killed in London via the knife as well as the gun.
The Guardian reports the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has compared the language used by Donald Trump to rally his supporters to that of “the fascists of the 20th century” in an explosive intervention before the US president’s state visit to London that begins on Monday.
Writing in the Observer, Khan condemned the red-carpet treatment being afforded to Trump who, with his wife Melania, will be a guest of the Queen during his three-day stay, which is expected to provoke massive protests in the capital on Tuesday.
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