Thursday, August 8, 2019

Disarming Americans via back door: Maryland Police Shoot and Kill a 61-Year-Old Man While Trying to Serve a “Red Flag” Order

Republicans are making a huge mistake giving in to the Red Flag law craze without considering the ramifications. 
Those laws can easily be miscued by the government to disarm law abiding citizens.   

GatewayPundit reports Republican lawmakers led by Sen. Lindsey Graham and his cohorts are discussing new “red flag” laws to take guns from “unstable” individuals.

Last November a 61-year-old Maryland man was shot dead while police were trying to serve him a “red flag” order.

The local officials said it was a sign the law is needed.
There’s more…

The police arrived at his house at 5 AM.

The old man had a gun in his hand and was shot dead!

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  2. if you are mentally unstable you may be subjkect to havingh your weapons confiscated??? ability to accept and deal with reality in an appropriate manner....screaming at the sky "trump is not my president" even today, more than 18 months after his inaugeration....check

    trying the same thing over and over expecting different results... "socalism has failed every time and every where it's been tried, but we will get it right this time" and
    for 20 years "sensable gun control laws" have failed to have any impact on mass shootings, so the best way we can prevent mass shootings is with more gun control laws....check

    unfounded paranoia...everyone who does not agree with me is evil and out to get me.....check

    hhhmmmm...if i were a dem i think i would be very, very worried about red flag laws, especially if they, as they usually are, just the first step used in getting more and more control of people who are exibiting "signs of mental problems"