Saturday, August 3, 2019

Heritage President Kay Coles James: Baltimore's undeniable truths -- Liberal policies have failed the people of this city

This is also true of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York and many other cities run by Democrats.
 It needs to be said because Democrats have shirked their responsibilities for fat too long.   

Kay Coles James wrote for Fox News

You may not like the messenger, but embedded in the recent political dust-up about the crime, poverty, and despair in Baltimore were some undeniable truths. If nothing else comes out of this latest debate, the bright light is now shining on a very inconvenient reality: Liberal policies have failed the people of Baltimore and inner cities everywhere

As the daughter of a former welfare recipient who spent my early years growing up in government housing, I know the truth of that statement more than most.

For decades, politicians have repeatedly promised urban communities good jobs, good schools, and safe neighborhoods. Instead, they have delivered policies that actually increase crime, degrade educational standards, and make it harder to get work.

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