Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Selling Out a Cop: NYPD Commissioner James O'Neil Fires Officer Daniel Pantaleo Over Eric Garner's Death

NYPD Commissioner James O'Neil

Police Commissioner James O'Neil is a disgrace! 
He's nothing but a lap dog for Mayor de Blasio.  He doesn't support the cops on the street and it's a very bad situation that can blow up into an ugly incident. 

NBC News reports NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill has fired the police officer accused of using a banned chokehold on Eric Garner in 2014, siding with the departmental trial judge who recommended termination earlier this month.

He was quickly lauded by advocates and local leaders -- and blasted by the head of the police union, who in a searing statement accused O'Neill of choosing "politics and his own self-interest over the police officers he claims to lead" as the officer's attorney said they would appeal his firing.   

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