Thursday, October 10, 2019

Bombshell Reveal: Joe Biden worked with whistleblower when he was vice president

Well, what do you know about that?  It seems this was a carefully orchestrated operation and maybe Biden know all about it. 

Washington Examiner reports the 2020 Democratic candidate with whom the CIA whistleblower had a "professional" tie is Joe Biden, according to intelligence officers and former White House officials.

Lawyers for the whistleblower said he had worked only "in the executive branch." The Washington Examiner has established that he is a career CIA analyst who was detailed to the National Security Council at the White House and has since left. On Sept. 26, the New York Times reported that he was a CIA officer. On Oct. 4, the newspaper added that he "was detailed to the National Security Council at one point."

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  1. This (-) is my "shocked" face - NOT. Been saying a long time that DJT needs to purge (fired not anything else) all holdovers from the barky era. Entrenched bureaucrats are what the swamp is based on.