Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Jussie Smollett indicted in Chicago over allegedly staged 2019 attack

I don't know where this indictment will lead.
  After all we're talking Chicago.  But, Jussie needs to pay a hefty price and be made an example of.  We're not going to tolerate a bunch of lies upon the public that could've  led to a bad place.
NY Post reports Jussie Smollett on Tuesday was once again indicted for allegedly staging a hate-crime attack against himself — nearly a year after charges in the case were abruptly dropped.

Special prosecutor Dan Webb announced the six-count indictment for disorderly conduct, accusing the former “Empire” star of lying to the Chicago Police Department about the alleged January 2019 attack.

Webb’s investigation revealed that Smollett “planned and participated in a staged crime attack,” and then “made numerous false statements … reporting a heinous hate crime that he, in fact, knew had not occurred,” Webb said in news release.
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  1. Jussie Smollett on his way to the clink! smh He made his bed and now he's gonna lay in it... BUT, the public still wants to know who put him up to this farce.