Monday, March 23, 2020

Media study shows Communist China escapes scrutiny by TV's Coronavirus Coverage

If you expect the mainstream media to report that Covid-19 came from China, think  again. 
Leftists love China and they can do no wrong.     

NewsBusters reports while Americans these days may be having a hard time finding toilet paper or hand sanitizer, there’s one thing we’re definitely not running out of: news stories about the coronavirus pandemic that originated in China late last year. But amid the hours upon hours of coverage, one thing that’s rarely heard: any criticism of how the communist government in Beijing handled the outbreak.

MRC analysts reviewed all weekday broadcast evening news coverage from the first day the networks arrived at the coronavirus story (January 17), through March 13, the day President Trump declared it a national emergency. Even though most of the early weeks were devoted to the situation in China, out of 634 minutes of total coronavirus coverage, our analysts found only 3 minutes, 14 seconds — less than one percent — discussed topics unflattering to the Chinese government.

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