Monday, March 23, 2020

Shame on New York Post for using click bait-sensational headline, WHO warns 'Social distancing won’t stop ‘accelerating’ coronavirus pandemic'

I use the NY Post more than any other news source for my blog. 
They're wonderful when it comes to breaking news and for the most part their trustworthy.  Nonetheless, this report is scandalous because they use an attention-grabbing-click bait-headline to garner more attention that what the story actually says.   

It reads the following:
Social distancing won’t stop ‘accelerating’ coronavirus pandemic, WHO warns

Social distancing is not gonna help?  What is the New York Post talking about?  Oh, my God!  We're doomed!  That's the purpose of the headline, to scare people to death and add to the panic we're all already facing.  Shame on the New York Post for doing it.  They're better than that. 

I've said on social media for the last two weeks not to trust headlines.  You need to read the entire article because many times it disputes the headline.  The head of the World Health Organization agrees that social distancing is helpful and necessary to stop the spread of Covid19.  But, he also says more needs to be done in addition to it.  That's not the tenor of what the  Post's headline implies.  The Post has done a lousy job  here.  They're very unprofessional!    
NY Post reports the coronavirus pandemic is “accelerating” across the world — and physical distancing measures are not enough to stop the spread, the head of the World Health Organization warned Monday.

“Asking people to stay at home and other physical distancing measures are an important way to slow down the spread of the virus and buy time, but they are defensive measures that won’t help us to win,” Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said at a press briefing.

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Everything the good doctors has said is being done by professionals around the world and especially in the United States.  There's no conflict as to what needs to be done and the New York Post knows better.    

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  1. The Who has proven itself not to be trusted to tell the truth. Why are even letting them talk?