Saturday, March 21, 2020

MSNBC's Unhinged Lesbian Conspiracy Theorist Rachel Maddow rings alarm Networks Should Censor President Trump’s Coronavirus Briefings

Nobody pays attention to Rachel Maddow except the nimrods who live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
  There she big with every tall tale and outrageous lies that comes out her mouth.  MSNBC needs to be shunned as well with their outlandish crazy talk.  Have you seen their ratings lately?     
InFo Wars reports ss President Trump’s approval numbers climb over his response to the growing coronavirus pandemic, the mainstream media has begun to call for censoring his White House briefings.

After Trump’s approval climbed to 55% average according to several polls, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow called for major news networks on Friday to stop broadcasting his coronavirus task force briefings.

“If Trump is going to keep lying like he has been every day on stuff this important, we should, all of us, stop broadcasting it. Honestly, it’s going to cost lives,” Maddow said on “The Rachel Maddow Show.”
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Look at this video?  Does this this woman sound like somebody who is rational or does she sound like a person who belongs in a psych ward?   Rachel Maddow is like this all the time. Hey Rachel! It's the world that needs to inoculate themselves from you and the and the rest of the scum who work at MSNBC!

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  1. For starters, she seems to believe she's a dude; with people I've met that are that severely gender-confused ...well, let's just say that typically it's the least of their problems with detachment from reality.
    But psych ward?