Monday, March 23, 2020

Pork Pelosi Plays Politics, Trump Announces Aid For States Hardest Hit “I will not stop until we win”

What does abortion have to do with fighting Covid-19? 
Ask Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for sneaking funding for abortion and other pet projects into the stimulus bill.

100 Percent Fed Up  reports President Trump just announced more assistance for states hardest hit by the coronavirus crisis:

During his press conference, he said: “We are at war with an invisible enemy.”

NEW YORK: 4 large, federal medical stations w/ 1,000 beds

CALIFORNIA: 8 large federal medical stations w/ 2,000 beds

WASHINGTON: 3 large federal medical stations & 4 small w/ 2,000 beds

House leader Nancy Pelosi was holding up the stimulus package for help during the coronavirus crisis because she wanted to add pork that has nothing to do with the purpose of the package.

At the beginning of the talks, Pelosi tried to add abortion funding to the bill but was caught red-handed. This is not the time to pull out a wishlist of pork to add to this important stimulus package.

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  1. Pelosi is reprehensible as a politician and a human being. I'm not so sure she's "human".

  2. is her distric so stupid they don't se she is out for her self and still relect her