Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Andrew Cuomo's Shame: Disturbing video shows how extensive NYC subway homeless problem is

Contrary to what many New Yorkers believe, the MTA falls in the lap of Governor Andrew Cuom, not Bill de Blasio, it's Cuomo. 
It’s his responsibility and all Cuomo does is talk about it as if he's not to blame.  He is!  And he's not lifting a finger to fix it because he doesn’t want his hands to get dirty and hoping the sycophant mainstream media will clean up his mess.  
NY Post reports the 2 train looked more like a shanty town Tuesday morning, as homeless continue to seek shelter in the transit system amid the coronavirus outbreak, according to video shot by a disgusted subway conductor.
“I got to send this to the governor, let him see this s–t,” conductor Torry Chalmers can be heard saying as he walks from car to car lined with people sleeping, many with piles of boxes, bags and luggage.
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