Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Ultra-soft Chris Hayes rips Tucker Carlson for urging people to get back to work while 'broadcasting in safe isolation'

Chris Hayes?  Lets; face it, there's not much of a man there. 
So it's no surprise he's scared to death to go outside and prefers to hide in his studio in a fetal position when the cameras are off.  Other than that Hayes and MSNBC are part if the MSM propaganda machine.  They  lie, distort and mislead their viewers.  Fair warning the below video is misinformation and I don't endorse it in any way.     
AOL News reports MSNBC’s Chris Hayes ripped Fox News host Tucker Carlson Tuesday night for continually calling for an end to nationwide lockdowns and for people to get back to work. Carlson has claimed that social distancing measures have had no effect on the spread of COVID-19, and that the disease is much less deadly than previously thought. So as more and more workers at meat processing plants get sick, and with President Trump issuing an executive order forcing them to remain open amid the pandemic, Hayes issued a challenge to Carlson.
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  1. ok cakeboy...then let's stop the paychecks of everyone who wants to keep the lockdown going