Wednesday, April 22, 2020

CDC Director Robert Redfield needs to be fired immediately!

I light of his recent warning that that a second wave of coronavirus could coincide with the start of flu season, proving to be even more devastating than the enduring COVID-19 pandemic is utterly irresponsible
and only serves to increase panic among the public.  

We are in this position of losing 25 million American jobs by listening to so-called experts that has chosen a path for this country that has been wrongheaded. 
Leadership by fear is not the proper place for the United States and it needs to be adjusted quickly by firing Redfield now!


  1. He has incited more panic in the general populas that any other official. Worry about a second wave while we are still dealing with the present? And will we do the same half stupid nonsense that we are doing now?

  2. During a pandemic where viruses spread EXPONENTIALLY there are only 2 choices:
    1. Just spread it around
    2. Don't spread it around
    Way to go republicans acting like little angry uneducated children when they were sup. to be setting a right example. Time to lose elections for the next 50 years and learn your lesson: stop being rednecks, get an education, learn scientific method, set a right example, stop worrying about outward appearance.