Thursday, April 16, 2020

Clueless Cuomo extends NY coronavirus shutdown to May 15 extending chances of economic depression

What an idiot!

This is what makes Cuomo a failed leader that gets enough cover from the mainstream media for his miserable failure.  New York, the heart of economic activity for the nation, will continue to stay in shutdown practically guaranteeing the U.S. will fall into depression.
NY Post reports Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Thursday extended his statewide 
shutdown of non-essential functions to May 15, as coronavirus hospitalizations continued to level off — but over 600 new deaths were reported.
“New York PAUSE has worked,” said Cuomo of the lockdown during an Albany press briefing. “That’s how we control the beast.

“However, we’re not there yet.”

In order to prevent the disease from mounting a comeback, the governor extended the policy for another month, a decision that he said was made in consultation with other regional states New York has allied with to plan an eventual economic revival.
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Andrew Cuomo is a moron!

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  1. Cuomo dances to the tune of the tribe, who own New York state. And the tribe is looking forward to a depression to keep President Trump from being re-elected!!!