Thursday, April 30, 2020

Dr. Fauci's DARKEST SECRET Surfaces As His Predictive Model Crushes Trump Economy | Dr. Mikovits pHd

Dr. Fauci has been made into saint by th mainstream media and it's become disallowed to question him.
 However, I'm all about the truth! There's more to him than a kind old face.  This interview confirms information given by a post I listed by Dr.Rashid Buttar on April 17.  The Next News Network has this report. 

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  1. Where was Doc Fauci when all the following was happening!
    Bush made a plea in 2004 to develop a vaccine and Dr. Peter Hotez says he made a vaccine pitch to anyone who would listen. After years of research, his team of scientists in Texas had helped develop a vaccine to protect against a deadly strain of coronavirus. They needed money to begin testing it in humans, no funding from Govt/Pharma. Also, the Obama/Biden admin failed to replenish the stock pile of masks, respirators and PPE supplies after SARS.
    The CDC was the only organization allowed to provide tests, thanks to Obama's acts. The CDC tests were incapable of distinguishing between the virus, and water.
    The WHO and the CDC are full of bureaucratic Swamp creatures.