Friday, April 24, 2020

LOCKDOWN WAS A MISTAKE: ER Doctor Just NUKED Fauci's Pandemic Fraud Straight to Hell!

I've tried very hard on this blog to point out that Dr. Fauci's lockdown policy has been a huge mistake.
  At every metric, it wasn't warranted for the amount of economic misery that has caused 29 million Americans to lose their jobs. Suicide rates are up, domestic violence have increased, criminals are being let go in the streets, this has become a mess! The Next News Networkhas done some of the best reporting on this issue. 

The sad thing about all this is that Anthony Fauci won't pay a price for all this calamity. He should!  Trump got caught in the Covid-19 vortex and believed his so-called exports.  At least he knows how to rebuild our economy again.  

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YouTube has seen fit to pull down the more than an hour long presser by the California Doctors.  YouTube doesn't' believe in a free exchange of ideas especially when it runs counter to Leftism.  

This is an attack against every Americans constitutional rights, but YouTube disregards any of that.  

You can still find the original video by doing a search on YouTube.  It may take a little doing, but it's worth it. 
Dr. Fauci, as Sen. Rand Paul pointed out, isn't the end all of opinions.  He's been right, to my estimate, 40% of the time.  Yet, he's a rock star to the MSN and Democrats.  With a record like that, I don't see why!   


  1. The whole theory about the severity of COVID 19 has been a lie, all to coerce us to conform to the ID 2020 GOVERNMENT CONTROL-by forcing us to be vaccinated and injected with microchips to monitor all of us. They i.e. Fauci, Gates, etc. want to control the economy by a forced shut down-making the peoples dependent on the gvmt. One World Order is around the corner. Wake up -it is happening in our life time.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly; but just out of curiosity; what do you think about this article:
      I believe what you wrote much more than I believe that article. Yet; I always want to 'check' myself and to make sure that I am not pulling too far in the other direction; and closing my eyes to what MIGHT BE facts. It seems now that there is so much deception swirling around that many of us...but not all of us...don't know what or whom to believe any more. (With One exception.) Thanks

  2. for every covid 19 death, over 500 workers lost their job.
    ws it worth it??

  3. Excellent video, thanks for posting!

    It shows that my reluctance to believe that this Chinese virus is as bad as Fauci & Co. have been saying it is. Looks like Fauci, Birx & Gates are in cahoots with some very bad people!

  4. There's a huge flaw in their "scientific" analysis. They cite the number of tests in the US, in NY State, in Kern County, and then cite a percentage of people testing positive, and from there, extrapolate based on the same percent of positives for the number of people nationally, in NY or in California who likely have been infected and then look at the actual number who have died to come up with a mortality rate. The flaw: Because of a shortage of tests, those who have gotten tested are mostly people who actually had symptoms of the disease, not people tested at random across the population. That means if say 20% of those people tested positive, only that you can say 20% people manifesting symptoms seem to have COVID, NOT, as these two doctors claim, that 20% of all Americans have been infected while only some 70,000 have died. That is a false "extrapolation." These guys are simply wrong!