Monday, April 27, 2020

Questions by Steve Hilton for Dr. Fauci, who refuses to come on his show

Dr. Fauci has been on every show in the mainstream media from Al Sharpton to a little kid's podcast. 
But, apparently he only goes on shows where he won’t be challenged.    

Steve Hilton of Fox has been asking for Dr. Fauci to come on his show for weeks and he, who loves to appear everywhere has refused. 

Here are questions Hilton has for Dr. Fauci: 
Question #1 Dr. Fauci.  You keep telling us your led by the science and he data.  Why was your data so wrong for so long?  Why don't you commissioned survey testing like the Stanford team just carried out to get an accurate picture of the spread  and fatality of this virus?  Will you carry out national survey testing immediately?

Question #2  Based on this new data do you now accept that it's unnecessary and impractical to indentify,  isolate and contact trace everyone who has this virus?

Question #3 Will you tell the governors, the media, the big bosses like Jeff Bozos, that wide spread virus testing of individuals is not necessary for reopening?  Will you rule out immunity certificates immediately?

Question #4  Do you agree that ALL deaths matter not just coronavirus  deaths?  Will you commit to a study of the long term public health costs of the shutdown to help inform any future pandemic  response factors like: disruption of medical treatments, suicide, rise in opiods and other addictions.  And lower life expectancy caused by shutdown induced poverty? 
I like to know the answers too!

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