Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Trump was right: Watch UV Light Used to Disinfect and Kill Viruses

Contrary to the distortions of the MSM, President Trump was right about how UV light can be used to disinfect and kill viruses.
  It's a brand new technology developed in the Unites States.  Fox and Friends First has this report this morning. 


  1. I us a UV light in my water filtration system to sterilize bacteria. This has been around for decades.

  2. Different frequencies affect things differently. The Rife machinesare considered pure quackery by some, and medical miracles by others. The combs at the barber shop used to be kept in a UV light. Ozone is a disinfectant,, raises hell on plastics and too much will give you a headache,, but it's good I.V. treatment for certain medical issues. The UV light is useful against a virus shouldn't be a huge shock. Instead of PooPooing it, it needs to be tested. How hard is it to isolate some of the virus or get a blood sample with it in it and expose it? Instead of Dictating that I believe it is a foolish idea, PROVE to me it doesn't work.
    I've never Seen such a Huge self inflicted wound as the Run in Circles, scream the Sky is Falling crowd have forced on us..
    I'll bet the people who laughed at preppers won't do that now.
    And in the foreseeable future, Americans will be less willing to follow the ORDERS, not advice, of Experts..