Thursday, April 2, 2020

US Navy relieves Captain Brett Crozier of aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt over Coronavirus fears

If I was a sailor on board the USS Roosevelt, I think Capt. Crozier is a hero. 
He's responsible for the lives of 5,000 men and women.  I can't fault him for what he did even if it costs him his career.   
BBC reports the commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt has been removed after saying the US Navy was not doing enough to halt a coronavirus outbreak on board the aircraft carrier.
In a letter, Capt Brett Crozier had urged his superiors to act to prevent US troops dying outside of wartime.
But acting US Navy Secretary Thomas Modly said the commander "exercised extremely poor judgement".
At least 100 people aboard the vessel have been infected, reports say.
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  1. I'd say this attempt at spreading the disease faster aboard a national asset like an CVN is very much what our greatest enemy might want, and might engage a puppet in causing this kind of attack. It's clearly treason at work, with the support of the Navy's command hierarchy. If only somebody, like every single liberal in the United States, could have warned us about this. Oh, well.