Friday, April 24, 2020

Fake News issues false findings about remdesivir and hydroxychloroquine by trials conducted by suspect China as basis

Wuhan Lab in China

This report by the Financial Times via AOL News is completely fake. 
The only reason it's news worthy for them is  because Trump said good things about the drugs.  That's it!  Also, there's no reason to believe any conclusions coming from China which has a grudge with the rest of the world for causing the Covid-19 pandemic in the first place. Also, WHO has been defended by the Trump administration.  So I find it curious that this report gets on the WHO website.   Looks like WHO is trying to pay back Trump.    

AOL News reports two drugs touted by President Trump as potential game changers in the fight against the coronavirus have shown no benefit for infected patients who take them.

A clinical trial conducted in China appears to show that the antiviral drug remdesivir does not help patients with COVID-19 recover from the disease or keep them from dying, Stat reported, after viewing a preliminary report on the research.

The findings of the clinical trial for remdesivir, which is manufactured by Gilead Sciences, were inadvertently posted Thursday on the World Health Organization’s website before quickly being taken down.

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