Sunday, May 3, 2020

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Had the Worst Response to the Crisis of Any Governor in America

The MSM has given Andrew Cuomo a total whitewash. 
In reality, as native New Yorker living under this fool's third term, Andrew Cuomo is expert at the talk.  But, as a doer, he's always AWOL.  His schtick is to talk about an issue like an innocent bystander without taking any responsibility for being the chief executive of the state.  The buck never stops with Cuomo.  He's not the captain, he's a stowaway..  It's somebody else's problem  He loves the talk and the flashy photo op.  He's terrible at getting things done!   
PJ Media reports the press has been gushing about the performance of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for weeks. The media often compares Cuomo’s “decisive” response to the coronavirus pandemic to the president, and guess who always wins?

Whether it’s good PR from the governor’s office or just the media worshipping a liberal who says mean things about Donald Trump, it hardly matters. What matters is results. And in that department, Andrew Cuomo has been a miserable failure — using several metrics.
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