Sunday, May 10, 2020

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo engages in scare tactics announcing 85 NY kids allegedly stricken with mysterious coronavirus-linked disease that has no basis in medical science

Don't believe the crap that's coming from Andrew Cuomo's mouth! 
Evidence based research done around the world confirms that children are carriers of Covid-19.  These claims by Cuomo are nothing but scare tactics to continue the paranoia that was fostered by government officials  to frighten people to shelter in place forever.  Do not believe Cuomo!  He doesn't know a damn thing he's talking about.     
NY Post reports New York has now seen at least 85 children stricken by a new coronavirus-linked inflammatory syndrome — along with two more possible deaths, Gov. Andrew Cuomo revealed Sunday.

“It is a situation that has taken the lives of three New Yorkers,” Cuomo said of the mysterious sickness that mimics the rare inflammatory condition Kawasaki disease.

“There are two additional deaths that are currently under investigation as possibly related to this same situation,” he revealed at his press briefing Sunday.
The 85 cases were up from the previous tally of 73 statewide.

The Big Apple accounted for at least 38 of them, more than double the previous count of 15 — and with nine other possible cases being tested, Mayor Bill de Blasio also revealed Sunday.
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  1. Mr. Cuomo understands that the tribe runs New York. He merely caters to their "sensibilities!"

  2. Yesterday Mi. gov. Whitless spouted the same crap. gotta keep the fear alive.