Monday, May 11, 2020

Trump Attack: President Trump calls out Obama's involvement in Flynn frame as 'Obamagate '

Obama is flat out guilty for being fully involved in the set up to entrap Michael Flynn. 
However, being the first black president, his complexion will be enough to keep him out of prison.  Is it fair?  Absolutely not.  A white guy would go down for this.  Nonetheless, affirmative action rules the day.  
Fox News reports President Trump on Sunday intensified his criticism of former President Obama by tying him to the Michael Flynn investigation and blasting his predecessor's recent criticism aimed at his administration's coronavirus response. 
Last week, Attorney General William Barr’s Justice Department dismissed the case against Flynn, Trump's first national  security adviser, who was seen as the key prosecution witness from Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump campaign.
Trump, along with other Republicans, seized on the decision and framed it as an example of a Democrat-manufactured plot to remove him from office. 
 Trump retweeted  Eli Lake, a columnist at  Bloomberg, who said he has been reviewing the interview transcripts that were recently released in the collusion investigation. Lake wrote, “It’s now clear why every Republican on [Rep. Adam Schiff’s] committee in 2019 called for his resignation. He knew the closed door witnesses didn’t support his innuendo and fakery on Russia collusion.”
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