Sunday, June 21, 2020

Democrat run city chaos: Ten People Shot in Minneapolis, Reports of ‘100 People Fighting With Various Weapon

Jacab Frey mayor whose in over his head

This is what happens after the progressive-woke idiots who run Minneapolis after they vote to defund the police.
  The criminals take over the town.  Who the hell would want to live in Minneapolis?  
Gateway Pundit reports ten were shot in Minneapolis after midnight on Sunday morning and there were reports of up to 100 people brawling using “various weapons” in the area.
Minneapolis has been severely under policed since the rioting began, as politicians and media continue to cause hostility towards law enforcement.
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  1. Shit, man, even WITH police there were 50 people shot just last Friday and Saturday night in Chicago.

    And a 3 year old boy was shot in the head and died in a drive by shooting.

    That's WITH police, mind you.

    Oughta get REALLY "sporty" if the cops choose to take a break.