Saturday, June 27, 2020

WAATCH SPEECH: NYPD commander Deputy Inspector Richard Brea rode leaves Bronx precinct for last time after retiring in protest

Good on Insp. Brea for telling it like it is and standing up for his men and women in the NYPD! 
NY Post reports the NYPD precinct boss who retired in protest this week blasted politicians for wanting to “vilify” cops during a raucous final walk-out celebration at his Bronx stationhouse Friday.
Deputy Inspector Richard Brea rode off in a restored classic police car at about 3 p.m. after the celebration outside the 46th Precinct, which featured an NYPD helicopter fly by and NYPD bagpipers.
In a speech at the ceremony, Brea slammed politicians for not backing police officers amid nationwide protests against police brutality.
“Their blood is in the concrete of every street corner, but these politicians don’t want to remember that. They want to blame and vilify everyone here. I won’t have that. No sir.” 
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