Saturday, July 11, 2020

Blue and Black Lives Matter protesters clash at Brooklyn rally, No black people involved

This is very telling to have Black Lived Maters protesters, and none of them were black.
  Showing once again that BLM is a fake movement run by woke-idiot lesbians who are pushing a Marxist agenda that has nothing to do with black people.   
NY Post reports it was a Blue Lives Brawl, as these dramatic photos show.
Tempers flared in Brooklyn Saturday as anti-cop protesters crashed a Blue Lives Matter rally — complete with furious finger-pointing and a lot of shouting, pushing and shoving.
Some three dozen anti-cop protesters showed up just before the 11 a.m. start of the rally at 13th Avenue and Bay Ridge Avenue in Dyker Heights.
They confronted a crowd of more than 300 police supporters, virtually all of them white.
Angry words flew, largely from the pro-cop contingent.
“You want to destroy America!” pro-cop protesters hollered. “You are f—ing Communists. Go to Venezuela.”
At one point, an angry, elderly pro-cop protester swung his fist at the other side. There were no arrests, however.
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