Saturday, July 11, 2020

Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue rightly doubles down on Trump support

The woke-class has to learn that in this country, we have freedom of choice. 
If they're not happy wit h that, move to Communist China where they'll be a lot more comfortable.   
AOL News reports the CEO of Goya Foods doubled down on his support for President Donald Trump following calls for a boycott against his company and added that the outrage at his praise for the president is sowing dangerous divisions.
“We are with the president. We’re with this country, you know, right, left, center, up and down,” CEO Robert Unanue said Friday on Fox Business Network.
Calls for a boycott against the New Jersey-based Goya Foods, which markets Latin American pantry staples, lit up after Unanue appeared with Trump in the White House Rose Garden Wednesday. Unanue heaped praise on the president announced a White House Hispanic prosperity initiative. 
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