Saturday, July 18, 2020

Ex-Gov. George Pataki warns COVID-19, poor leadership have Big Apple on the brink

I wasn't a great admirer of Pataki.  But, he was a lot better leader than Bill de Blasio or Andrew Cuomo.  

NY Post reports for the first time in his life, George Pataki is worried about New York City’s future.

In an exclusive interview with The Post at his Peekskill, New York, office, the former three-term Republican governor said crime, COVID-19 and poor leadership across city and state government have brought the Big Apple to the brink.

“For the first time ever I fear for the future of New York City. The de Blasio administration has been a disaster and New York has been hit by just decision after decision that really jeopardize its future. It’s not just City Hall but Albany too,” said the 6-foot-5 Pataki, glowering over his desk. “This cannot be allowed to continue or New York City is going to die.”
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