Thursday, July 9, 2020

Black Lives Matter mural near Chicago defaced, changed to read ‘All Lives Matter’

I'm not for vandalism, but this should be repeated in every city with these Black Lives Matters bullshit! 

NY Post reports a Black Lives Matter mural was defaced and painted over to read “All Lives Matter” in a village near Chicago this week, according to officials and a new report.

The mural, painted two weeks ago in Oak Park, Illinois, was vandalized overnight Tuesday into Wednesday, village officials said.

Portions of the mural were covered up so that it read “All Lives Matter,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

The graffiti was largely cleaned off by 10 a.m. Wednesday, but local officials and artists who created the mural said they will discuss whether additional work is needed to fully restore it, the outlet reported.
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  1. If they're "cleaning up the graffiti", does that mean they're getting rid of the "Black Lives Matter" horsedroppings graffiti?
    Just asking for a friend...

  2. How do you vandalize graffiti?

    Whitehall, NY