Monday, July 27, 2020

Official Democrat Response form Rep. Jerry Nadler: "Portland riots is a myth!"

This is the official response coming from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on downward. 
The violence going on in Portland, Oregano is not real according to New York Rep. Jerry Nadler.  Don't believe what you’re eyes are seeing on TV and news reports from around the world.
Jerry says it's not real!


  1. Just a prime example of filthy tribe swill!!!

  2. I live in Oregon and these riots are real! Portland has been a problem for a few years and our useless governor Kate Brown does nothing but coddle these welfare criminals. Nasty Pileosi is useless. Pile of human excrement all over the sidewalks in her district for more than 6 years. She wouldn't know a problem if she stepped in it.

  3. ladies and gentlemen...please give a warm welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED.......BAGDAD BOB