Friday, August 28, 2020

New York Mets walked off the field in protest, I'm canceling my season tickets

Dominic Smith

Last night the New York Mets led by Dominic Smith walked off the field in protest the shooting of Jacob Blake.
  For weeks I've been writing on social media that it was a huge mistake for teams to allow players to express their political feeling on the field of play.  

That's not what sports are for!

It's a privilege to play baseball or any other sport.  It's not a right!  Sports are suppose to be an escape for fans.  For a few hours I get to rest my mind from the daily struggles in life and just enjoy the game.  But, when million dollar ballplayers feel entitled to express their political views on the field, then we have a conflict. with fans.  
Black Lives Matter shirt left at home plate

Like it or not, I could care less how Dominic Smith, or Lebron James feels about any social issue.  That's not why I buy tickets to the game! 

They can protest all they want before or after the game.  All I want to see is base hits, home runs, a strikeout or a double play.  If players feel that strongly about a political issue, quit the sport, run for congress.  But, they won't be paid millions for it.  I make a whole lot less money than Dominic Smith.  He signed a $2million contract when he was drafted out of high school.    

So as a fan, after being a Mets season ticket holder for over 27 years, longer than Dominic Smith has been alive, this is my protest.  I no longer want to pay for political views.  Let somebody else do that.

I'm done!       


  1. The Mets; losers defending losers...

    As for me, I don't follow sports enough to care. Pro sports and Hollywood are two peas in the same pod; people who sell something no one really needs... At one time people actually PLAYED sports. At one time, people entertained themselves locally. We can do that again... easily... Hollywood... Pro sports... Listen then, if you have ears...