Sunday, August 30, 2020

No Joe Biden, the havoc and mayhem in our Democrat-run cities started in 2018 with your best friend Maxine Waters and other Democrats

A few days ago on a friendly kiss ass interview on CNN with homosexual degenerate Anderson Cooper, Sleepy Joe Biden said, "This is Donald Trump's America!" 
He was feebly trying to explain away the violence going on in our Democrat-run cities.  

Sorry, Joe but the American people are not buying that!   What's happening in our major cities, the seeds of it all, started in 2018.  Maxine Waters, the dumbest member of Congress said this:


I believe Rand Paul hit this on the head when he alleged this ruination of our country is being financed by Democrats and all of it can be traced back to Joe Biden and Barack Obama, the former community organizer!

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