Monday, August 24, 2020

RINO Jeff Flake joins dozens of ex-RINO-NeverTrumper GOPers to launch ‘Republicans for Biden’ that will have Zero impact for Joe

Sorry, but these GOPers have very little value for Joe Biden because the base of the GOP knows exactly what time it is. 
Additionally, Independents also see that zero plus zero still equals zero!  
Fox News reports more than two-dozen former Republican members of Congress threw their support behind a “Republicans for Biden” effort being launched Monday by the Democratic presidential nominee's campaign to engage potential GOP supporters this November.

The announcement comes on the first day of the Republican National Convention, as delegates prepare to formally re-nominate President Trump on Monday.

 In their respective convention agendas, each party has sought to showcase converted supporters. Joe Biden's list of Republican supporters, shared first with Fox News, includes a number of well-known Trump critics, most notably former GOP Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona.
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  1. Can you see their "career dissipation lights" flashing?...