Sunday, August 23, 2020

Wedding guest reportedly shoots Texas groom in the chest, bride refuses to talk

I think it's obvious the bride knows exactly what's going on with this shooting.  Ex-boyfriend?
NY Post reports a Texas groom was shot in the chest at his own wedding party — and even his new bride is refusing to help investigators, according to officials.

Officers believe the groom, who has not been identified, was blasted after a fight with one of his guests at the celebration in suburban Houston Thursday night, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Both the shooter and the injured groom fled the scene — but the newly married man was found bleeding at a house across the street.
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  1. I'm gonna go with "Guess The Race for $800, Alex" on this one.

    Prove me wrong.

  2. FBI spokesman standard: “Sounds legit.”

  3. “Sounds legit,” FBI spokesman.