Friday, September 4, 2020

Dingbat Biden claims Black man invented light bulb during campaign event

Thomas Edison is the inventor of the light bulb.

  Biden is refereeing to Lewis Latimer, also an inventor, who worked for Edison and was involved in later development of the light bulb.   

Fox Newsreports during a Thursday meeting with Kenosha, Wis., community leaders, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said that a Black man, rather than Thomas Edison, invented the light bulb.

"People fear that which is different. We've got to, for example, why in God's name don't we teach history in history classes? A Black man invented the light bulb, not a White guy named Edison," Biden said. "There's so much — did anybody know before what recently happened that Black Wall Street in Oklahoma was burned to the ground. Anybody know these things? Because we don't teach them. We've got to give people facts."

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