Thursday, September 10, 2020

NICK SANDMANN: ‘I’m not the only young Republican being attacked for my political beliefs’

This opinion piece by Nick Sandmann speak for itself.

NickSandmann | Fox News

Beginning the college year during the coronavirus pandemic is difficult enough for millions of students. But the beginning of my freshman year at Transylvania University in Kentucky is being made even more difficult by an unwarranted attack against me by the cancel culture due to my conservative views.

Even before starting college I was the subject of a lot of unwanted attention following media coverage of a school trip I took in January 2019 to Washington, D.C. I wore a Make America Great Again hat, expressing my support for President Trump, as I participated in a pro-life rally at the Lincoln Memorial with fellow students from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky.

As you may have heard, I was confronted by a Native American activist who stood in front of me and began chanting and banging a drum. I simply stood there and smiled, but some media accounts falsely portrayed me and my fellow students as aggressors who provoked a confrontation. I filed a lawsuit against The Washington Post and CNN.

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