Friday, December 11, 2020

An unprofessional and agenda driven mainstream media is a bigger threat to democracy than a billion Adolf Hitlers' Here's why

If the general public cannot obtain information from unbiased journalists seeking truth, then it becomes impossible for them to make well-informed decisions.

Instead, we have a system that cherry picks, censors, and distorts information to lead the public astray.  That ends  up crushing freedom.  Without freedom, the bedrock of our society,  this is no longer America.  Democracy ceases to exist.      




  1. Hot civil war begins 20 January. Pick your targets.

    For me, they are the Communists. Every one of them. And every one of their enablers!!!

  2. I read today that Maxine Waters’ daughter received $250,000 from her mother’s campaign. Waters and her family have improved their standard of living considerably while the district that she claims to represent seems to have gone downhill. Then again, as her opponent in the recent election pointed out, Waters doesn’t live in that district. She is comfortably ensconced in a mansion in a far more upscale neighborhood.

    1. Maxine Waters is a small part of the media-politics manipulation.