Saturday, December 26, 2020

Worst Human Being for 2020, It's a tie Andrew Cuomo and Joe Biden

Let's start with Andrew Cuomo. 

Besides being an arrogant, egomaniacal fool, who cares very little for the residents of New York.  A little flashback.  Cuomo was once married into the Kennedy family only to get kicked out.  How bad does one have to be to get kicked out of a family of drunkards and drug addicts? 

It happened to Cuomo!

Joe Biden, a confirmed racist and loathsome a political figure who spent the last 47 years selling out his office.  It was truly hard to give this award to either person. 

Between Cuomo writing a book about his leadership during the Covid 19 pandemic, while ignoring the fact thousands of seniors he sent to their deaths in nursing homes.  That in itself seems worthy of winning the award. 

However, the millions of dollars Joe Biden has made getting money under the table from his son Hunter, or his brother seems to be equally despicable.     

So there we have it, it's a tie!


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  1. Seems to me they are both well 'qualified' for this award but they do face some pretty stiff competition - after all there are the members of the 'squat' and gov. gruesome as well as 'princess' and mayor big bird. So many 'good' choices..........