Saturday, February 20, 2021

Government memo crushes Gov. Andrew "asshole' Cuomo's defense in nursing homes cover-up

I've been calling out Gov. Cuomo for over a year starting with his "no cash bail" law that has tripled New York's crime rate. 

Thanks to Cuomo New York has a revolving door justice system.  He still hasn’t been getting the attention for that which happened months before his March 25 executive order that sent over 15,000 seniors to their deaths of in nursing homes with Covid 19. 

NY Post reports Gov. Cuomo has repeatedly defended his administration’s directive for nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients as the product of federal “guidance” — even though one of those government documents says only that infected seniors “can” be admitted to the facilities.

In contrast, the Health Department’s since-rescinded, March 25 memo left little wiggle room to prevent “medically stable” patients from being transferred out of hospitals to nursing homes.

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