Thursday, May 13, 2021

Gas shortages after 5 months of Joe Biden's presidency?

This is only the beginning as America finds out they made a horrible choice for president.   


  1. "America' did not choose Biden!!!!!

  2. next shortages. prepare to go on a diet, even if you don't need to be on one.
    then the rolling black/brown outs will strat nation wide...
    then look for a banking crisis
    of course, Jimmy Carter level inflation, or worse, will be a constant during this whole mess.
    it will end one of three ways...
    1) conservatives sweep the mid terms with a veto proof majority and push thru reforms over biden vetos (very unlikely)
    2) conservatives win 2024 and rapidly reverse the nations course(more likely)
    3)civil war 2. red states decide enough is enough, and since they out number the blue states, kick them off the island(even odds)