Monday, May 10, 2021

New York Post dead wrong when saying Eric Adams should be NYC’s next mayor

The NY Post doesn't know what they're talking about because the next mayor on NYC should not be a Democrat-Period!  Full stop!

I don't trust Eric Adams BECAUSE he's a Democrat.  And in all the varied groups Democrats represent, the woke, LBGTs, feminists, and alike, their default position is Democrat first and their lousy progressive policy positions that has ripped NYC apart!   

NY Post reports New York City stands at the crossroads. Will we continue to surrender our streets to homelessness, filth, crime and guns, to betray our children’s future, to push away residents, businesses and wealth?

With the end of the disastrous Bill de Blasio era, the challenge will fall to our next mayor.

The New York Post believes Eric Adams is the candidate with the best chance of solving the issues bedeviling our whole city.

His top priority has to be reversing the rocketing rise in crime, from shootings to subway safety.

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  1. The Big Craphole fully deserves him!!!

  2. The dude literally caused lefty Marxist heads to explode all across NY state when he said he said a good mayor shouldn't need a security detail and he would ALWAYS carry concealed if elected mayor. Bash him all you want,im just curious if anyone bashing him can name a Republican in the NYC race who has made such a divisive statement right out of the gate? Speak up geniuses or shut your mouth and let this man turn the NY Dem party on its head...