Sunday, August 15, 2021

Joe Biden's making a mess out of Afghanistan

Although I agree with the policy of getting out of Afghanistan, Joe Biden's incompetence as president is being shown.     


  1. Wouldn’t you like to know Who Is Running the Government While Joey Bi-done Is on Vacation?

    While the Taliban is taking over Afghanistan, and while Ten’s of Thousands of ILLEGAL’S are STILL flooding into our Country via our Southern Border!
    The Taliban is conquering Afghanistan and slaughtering and torturing Men, Women, and Children, and our Puppet President is basking in the Sunshine somewhere with is Nurse Jill. .
    All this is happening while the Americans who sacrificed their lives or were severely maimed have been dishonored by our Weakness. .

    The Department of Homeland Security has issued a cautionary warning about the likelihood of a terrorist attack, as the Afghans are running wild, taking over just about every Major City in the Shit-Hole Nation, the only question left is where is the Next? .
    The Taliban is now in possession of thousands of our discarded weapons, Vehicles, and Helicopters. They stormed the Prisons releasing all the prisons that housed around 5,000 of their fellow fighters.
    Hundreds of Millions of dollars were wasted, that was invested in the detention facilities housing those prisoners. .All the progress made by President Trump in the War on Terror seems to has been complely erased by Joe Biden’s efforts , as the Department of Homeland Security issued a New Terrorist Threat Alert on Friday, reported by the Washington Times. According to the report, Department of Homeland Security has detected new Signs of Life in al Qaeda just ahead of the 20th anniversary of the 2001 Terrorist Attacks. As Delusional Joey said he does not regret his decision to withdraw from Afghanistan. So in the wake of all this, and throw in the devastating 7.2 earthquake and the suffering of the Haitian people. And the FACT that our Southern Border is still wide open, and we are being invaded by thousands of illegal aliens that are flooding our nation with disease, crime, and yes even terrorists.

    And all this time, Joey Biden is on vacation, and Americans are wondering how soon the United Nations and the rest of the Progressive Communist Democrats will see the horrific videos of the beheadings that have already begun.
    So the question of the day is Who Is in Charge?
    For certain, it isn’t Joey Biden or Camela Harris , the two both sock puppets for Susan Rice and the rest of the Obama leftovers. .All while our current problems are being distracted by the Progressive Communist Democrats in Nancy Pelosi’s House! about an January 6th Insurrection that never happened, and the “manipulation”, and mishandling of our Elections goes on. .

  2. Good gawd, Biden makes Baghdad Bob look like an amateur.

  3. no, donald rumsfeld made the mess. now joe made it worse, which is quite an achievement.