Thursday, July 12, 2018

(Video) Rep John Ratcliffe grills Son of a Bitch FBI Agent Peter Strzok on hateful anti-Trump text messages

Yes, Peter Strzok is a son of a bitch! 
And I say this because the man doesn't deserve any respect as a FBI agent and as a man.  He needs to be singled as the lowest of the low and set apart from the honest hardworking agents at the FBI.
Wall Street Journal reports an FBI agent whose anti-Trump text messages prompted sharp criticism over his handling of two politically charged investigations, told Congress he never permitted his views to affect his official actions, a claim GOP lawmakers derided.
Peter Strzok’s testimony at a joint House committee hearing repeatedly devolved into partisan discord, with Republicans at one point threatening to hold him in contempt for refusing to answer some questions Mr. Strzok said the Federal Bureau of Investigation had told him not to answer. The FBI declined to comment.
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