Thursday, August 30, 2018

Ringleader of sex orgies at NYCHA daughter of NYCHA honcho

When this story first came out I doubted highly it was true as reported.
  I don't think there were sex orgies.  But, something significant happened that actually might be worse than being reported.
NY Post reports the NYCHA worker at the center of the agency’s on-the-clock orgy scandal is the daughter of a prominent public-housing executive, according to sources.

Assistant Resident Buildings Superintendent Brianne Pawson was suspended for 30 days without pay from her $66,323-a-year gig for hosting wild sex parties in the Throgg’s Neck Houses — often while collecting overtime, according to a person familiar with the scandal.

She pulled down an extra $6,950 for OT and benefits in 2017, bringing her total compensation that year to $73,273, according to SeeThroughNY.

Pawson — one of just two workers who has been suspended for the debaucherous parties — is the daughter of NYCHA Director of Maintenance, Repairs & Skilled Trades Charles Pawson, the source said.

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