Sunday, January 20, 2019

What free speech looks like: Dishonest media mischaracterizes Video showing white teen boys allegedly taunting Native American activist at Indigenous people's march

I normally don't like doing video posts of an event because the context of such videos is most often suspect. 
Unless we know what happened before and after the video stops rolling, it's easy for the corrupt mainstream media to spin any narrative they want.  For example this video is describe as teens taunting a Native American man.  What is see is teens acting like teens
.  Yeah, they're acting silly like teens tend to do.  But, what we're also watching in the video is free speech in action in America.  The Native American man is singing his song, exercising his right to free speech.  The teen  are reacting to him, maybe it’s dumb, but they also have the right to exercise their speech.  That's what I see here.
NY Post reports a video of a group of mostly white teen boys taunting a Native American man during the Indigenous Peoples March in Washington, DC went viral Saturday, prompting widespread criticism of the youths.
The images show a throng of boys, many wearing Make America Great Again hats, surrounding the man as he beat a drum and sang a song. One boy is also seen standing and smirking close to the man.

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