Sunday, February 17, 2019

Graham: Talk About Removing Trump Will Be Probed in Hearing

These rogue FBIers need to be brought to justuce!
  What they did was damn near a coup of a duly elected president while simultaneously shielding Hillary Clinton from prosecution for crimes she committed.   

NewsMax reports Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said he could subpoena Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to explore allegations they discussed whether President Donald Trump could be removed from office.

McCabe said in an interview to air on CBS’s “60 Minutes” Sunday that Rosenstein discussed with him in 2017 whether there were enough members of Trump’s cabinet who would support removing the president for being unfit under the constitution’s 25th Amendment. Rosenstein has denied that.

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  1. "NewsMax reports Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said he could"

    The keyword here is "could", Graham has been a BFF of the Democrats since arriving at the Senate and is just another UniParty hack. Trust me, he's one of my Senators. SC needs to do better.