Friday, May 24, 2019

Bombshell news the MSM is ignoring The Deep State should be worried-Trump orders declassification of documents

I'm not wasting time covering the goings on between Nancy Pelosi and Trump.  That's not the major news.  This is! 

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  1. Almost from the beginning of the Russian collusion hoax,
    I was predicting that if he came out clean he would
    unleash hell on the Democrat party 2020. Think of
    this as the mother of all October surprises except that
    perp walks are already being planned most likely starting
    with Strzok and Comey.

    I think both of them will cry like babies when they are
    led out of their homes by federal agents. Not only will
    they cry, they will sing like birds for a lighter sentence.
    When these materials are declassfied and puiblished, the
    scope of this conspiracy will be staggering!

    The Democrats are going to get a taste of what happened to
    the GOP in the election following the Watergate hearings.
    Ojugears may be untouchable, but you can bet that he
    will throw Felonia von Pantsuit under the bus in order
    to protect himself.

    Once the materials are made public, grab a bowl of hot
    popcorn while watching the cockroaches start to scurry
    into their holes!