Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Democrat Rep. Steve 'Chicken Leg' Cohen Accused Trump of ‘Raping the Country’ in Heated Impeachment Meeting With Nancy Pelosi

There's no reason to take a man seriously who waves a fried chicken leg in front of Black staffers at a congressional hearing.
  Rep. Steve Cohen is a certified lunatic.  Nobody in Washington takes him seriously.    

NewsWeek reports during a meeting about impeaching President Donald Trump, Democratic Representative Steve Cohen of Tennessee reportedly accused the president of "raping" the United States.

In a Steering and Policy Committee meeting, Cohen said former President Bill Clinton was hit with impeachment proceedings "over sex" and drew a comparison by saying that Trump is "raping the country," two sources in the meeting told Politico.

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  1. hey cohen, and all you other anti-trumpers..


    if you have enough hard evidence to bring criminal charges against trump DO IT.

    otherways, stop wasting my time ans STFU