Monday, August 26, 2019

Hockey Stick Broken! “Scientist” Michael Mann Loses in Court, Forced to Pay Court Costs — Global Warming Hoax Hit Hardest

The climate change hoax has been exposed in a court of law. 
Betcha the MSM won't say a word about it.

Gateway Pundit reports Back in 2009, “Climategate” was a massive scandal with leaked documents revealing the climate change scam to be what it is, the Gateway Pundit reported on this scandal extensively when the story first broke.

Christopher Booker of the Telegraph back in 2009 slammed the climate alarmists behind the claims of global warming that was proving to be non-existent.

Dr. Michael Mann, the scientist that co-authored a famous graph of temperature trends known as the “hockey stick graph” was implicated in the 2009 global warming email scandal, which the Gateway Pundit previously reported on.

This same Dr. Michael Mann, in 2012, sued the National Review and Competitive Enterprise Institute over their critique of his work regarding the climate change hoax. Mann even posted to his Facebook page about the lawsuit.

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