Saturday, August 24, 2019

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill: California homeless crisis has exploded because THIS is missing

California is the Petri dish for progressive's pie-in-the-sky ideas and the results are an increase crime, homelessness, disease and misery. 
Their ideas don't work! Look at what a shithole San Francisco has become.    

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill writing for Fox News:  

Increasing homelessness is transforming the landscape across many of our nation’s largest urban centers. People living on the streets are creating unsanitary conditions, engaging in threatening behavior and generally making our cities less inviting.

And there’s a paradox involved. Many of these cities have invited more homelessness in the first place – all in the name of compassion.

Undoubtedly, compassion is among the noblest of virtues. We could all use more of it. But when applying compassion to public policy, we must prioritize good judgment over good intentions.

In recent times, this lesson has been lost in places such as San Francisco, which is now increasingly overrun by crime, drugs and homelessness.

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  1. People tend to forget that the original sanctuary cities were
    ones inviting the homeless back in the early 80s. Santa Monica
    was home to a lot of very wealthy liberals. It took less than
    a decade to turn the city into a crime and drug-infested crap-hole.